7 Essential Apps for Real Estate Agents

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Today’s real estate market is more competitive than ever for the average agent. Proactive agents know how to roll with the punches and use every tool available to them to secure an edge. The following mobile apps should help you to get the upper hand.

Google Drive

The ability to scan and upload documents to the cloud is incredibly important for real estate agents nowadays. While dedicated apps such as CamScanner could fit the bill, Google Drive’s app can scan documents and convert them to PDF via OCR.

Mile IQ

As any real estate agent can attest, logging plenty of miles just comes with the territory. Mile IQ allows any agent to keep track of their mileage on the fly and figure out the best way to cut down on unnecessary trips.


Though it might seem trite to mention, Zillow is a must-have for real estate agents in the field. While the data isn’t always incredibly accurate, it’s the best way to know what potential clients know insofar as prices and property histories are concerned.


In addition to Zillow, Sitegeist is an invaluable information-gathering tool for any agent. Whether you’re profiling a neighborhood based on specific parameters or compiling cursory property details, Sitegeist is a great way to draw up a real estate sketch in a heartbeat.

Mortgage Calculator

Though the calculus behind mortgage rates can be pretty complicated, it’s possible to give clients a ballpark figure in a pinch. Mortgage Calculator by Quicken enables agents to provide a reasonably accurate mortgage estimate based on rough estimations of credit and asking price.


If there’s such a thing as a universal productivity app, Dropbox is it. Dropbox gives real estate movers and shakers the flexibility they need to share PDFs, send clients files in an instant and collaborate with their peers from anywhere.


Contrary to popular opinion, real estate is not a zero-sum game. It’s more than possible to work out mutually beneficial relationships that improve everybody’s bottom line. At the end of the day, LinkedIn is the best way to network with your professional peers. If you can spare the time, setting up a Facebook page is also well worth it, and you can download the Facebook page manager app

Use What Works, Lose the Rest

Obviously, the perfect app collection for any given real estate agent will vary based on niche and personal preferences. That having been said, the apps listed above should prove to be quite useful to any realty dynamo.

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Author Bio: Arpaporn is an avid reader of business books, and is a recent MBA graduate. Aside from blogging, she writes for brands and businesses around the world. Recently, she writes for Thailand Property Advisor, a company which provides real estate investors with a team of professionals that takes a fiduciary approach to the process of identifying, acquiring, operating, or liquidating high-value tangible assets in Thailand and ASEAN.

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