Please read carefully the instructions, especially the required fields * to be completed below.
Also you can read the article about the ways you can promote your company at XTND MarketPlace here.

Login to your account and go in User CP menu and in drop down list select “Add New Company“.


In company editor you can start filling your company detalis. Most of fields are MANDATORY.


Insertion Instructions

Add Your Company Title

Fill out the required information about your company, eg why to choose you, what services you offer, etc..

Customize layout by using WYSIWYG editor. You can also click "text tab" to add html code. It is also proposed to add map of your company (via google map) with the following code or pressing the corresponding buttons (google maps) in the editor (the dimensions of the map should be 710x250px)

Google Maps Code

[GMAP width="710" height="250" latitude="latitude of company" longitude="longitude of company" zoom="15" markers="yes" controls="yes" maptype="ROADMAP" content="name of company"]

Fill out the additional information about your company in their respective forms such as: address, telephone numbers, website etc (*note in form “website” fill website address without the http:// )

Select the category you want to display your company YOU CAN ONLY ADD 1 CATEGORY

Add tags

Upload your logo or screenshot of your site or whatever you like to show as you Main Image for your company at 385x250px resolution.

Most Fields are mandatory. For a more effective promotion of your Services we proposed to fill in all fields

* Company Name:
* website (url):
* Email address (email):
* Tags(eg: Web Design, Hosting websites, etc.):
* Company logo (385x250px):
* 1 Category 
* Company Address:
* Country:
* Postcode:
* Phone:
Latitude και longitude απο το google maps:


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Submit your company for approval.

The process was completed you will be receiving information about your submission.

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