Below you find some ways you can advertise your website through our network

Promotional Banners

There are four places you can place your advertisement in our layout.
(Header, Middle, Footer and Sidebar) as you can see in the picture below.


Each advertisement position, by clicking on it, takes you to the corresponding page (image) where you can upload your banner (supports gif, jpg, jpeg, png, swf), select how many impressions you want to buy, add alt text for your banner etc.

The process is completed by clicking the continue to checkout.
Any request for banner placement is under approval before payment is made.
Upon acceptance of the application by the management team, you will receive email about where you will be given a link to complete the purchase through paypal.
The banner immediately it will display the corresponding location you selected and you can now track the impressions & clicks on the link you receive in email.

XTND marketPlace Layout Cost

1) Header Position (5€ CMP)
2) Middle Position (4€ CPM)
3) Footer  Position (2.5€ CPM)
4) Sidebar Position (4.5€ CPM)

*CPM = Cost Per 1000 impressions

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