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Apostrophe is a design-driven, in-context CMS built on Node.js and MongoDB. It provides the tools to develop both simple and complex content-driven websites through simple templating and modular functionality. The editing experience is designed around the idea that content mangement should be easy, and therefore editors can create and manage their content right on the page itself.

Apostrophe is built on an accessible technology stack that focuses on ease of use as well as performance. Node.js provides an easy entry point for front-end Javascript developers and a playground for experienced back-end developers. The Nunjucks templating language allows for easily including data and editable content on any page. And MongoDB provides the necessary speed to serve Apostrophe’s content-driven pages.

Looking to get started with Apostrophe development? Check out the tutorials.

Apostrophe is Robust

Apostrophe is in use for many kinds of websites, from small nonprofits and companies to colleges and research platforms. Since its inception, it has been iteratively built in the context of creating real websites. This has led to an ecosystem of modular functionality, allowing developers to solve problems precisely.

Requirements: Node.js and MongoDB
License: MIT License

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