How does the future of mobile gaming lie in the cloud?

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Unimaginable growth

Mobile phone market has shown an unprecedented growth in the last decade. Phones have moved on from a device, used for just talking to one which resembles a mini PC. Entertainment, Internet browsing, Presentations, data analysis and what not can be done on the mobile phone? Along with this development one thing that has also gained prominence is mobile gaming. Now every major game developer be it EA sports or Remedy, have mobile versions of their game. Now the users can play a variety of games with great graphics on their handheld devices. It can be said that the days of snake and bounce are now well and truly over.

New technologies and partnerships

The reason for the boom in mobile gaming has been the usage of fast processors and big RAM in the phones. The smartphones, nowadays, are able to handle much more graphics than the earlier ones could handle contacts. This has enabled the developers to build high quality and high graphic game which were earlier unthinkable.  But one thing that is taking huge strides in the field of gaming is the gaming on the cloud. Major cloud players like Gaikai and OnLive have collaborated with Sony and EA sports respectively to provide on hand gaming experience to the gaming fanatics

Benefits of cloud gaming

The main benefit of gaming on the cloud is that there is no need to store the whole game on the mobile device yet you can experience the high octane playing experience. With 3G and LTE coming up the internet speed is not a problem for many. Moreover, the Wi-Fi is available at most public and private places these days making cloud gaming all the more enriching experience.

Another positive with gaming in the cloud is the fact that there is no need to download whole of the game to play it. So, if you don’t like the game the usage is not wasted. Moreover, playing with real time opponents rather than AI gives the game more edge as it becomes more realistic and much more difficult. Real time playing available in the cloud gives games an extra edge which is not there in the on device games. However, choosing efficient and reliable cloud hosting services might also be a tricky task.


The only drawback that the cloud gaming is facing is that of latency. Despite all the advancement in the internet technology, the latency issue is still prevalent. Plus here are spots where there is no internet connectivity, hence no scope to cloud gaming. Various steps are being taken in this regard and to solve the issue if latency, OnLive and Gaikai are launching their data centers. The main idea behind a data center is to bring the provider and the user closer to each other. Both of these companies along with others are launching their data centers all around the US to make sure the latency is an issue of the past.


It is a doubtless fact that, the future of mobile gaming certainly lies in the cloud. The features and viability offered by cloud is unmatched. And with the network bearers and cloud providers doing everything they can to reduce the latency it can be said with certainty that in the coming years it will reach the new horizons of success.


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