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Website development is considered a very lucrative career, with an average annual salary of $77,000. Prospects for web developers are expected to remain positive for at least another five years.  The possibility of self-employment makes it an increasingly popular career choice.

Offline website development training courses are expensive and commuting can be time-consuming. Especially for those looking to work part-time while they take classes, this may be an insurmountable obstacle. As a result, many web development training courses are now available on the internet.

Online web development courses are considerably cheaper than in-person classes, and broadly divided into three categories.

Guides and Tutorials

As the name suggests, these are merely ebooks and web guides covering various subjects. How much a student gleans from these depends upon the interest of the student.

Online Courses

These are full-fledged formal courses, with timing flexibility. Instructions are given using videos and study material. Also, some exercises are incorporated to let students understand the practical application of the acquired knowledge.

Live Guidance

In this type of online web design courses, the student gets live help from qualified, experienced, and often famous web designers from across the world, in addition to tutorials, videos, and exercises.The internet is also a huge source of reference materials for learning trends of web development and designing.

Some of these online teaching resources offer free training, whereas others charge nominal fees. Still others receive monthly or annual membership fees for giving access to their repositories of website development training and reference materials, which include videos as well as other content. Live training, however, is the most expensive way to learn web development skills, even if it’s through online courses.

a few free website development teaching tutorials include:

Skill Development

This site equips students with website development capabilities and teaches them how to use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Don’t Fear the Internet

This course concentrates on teaching usage of HTML, CSS, and a bit of PHP, as well as providing an introduction to WordPress blogging for website development. The content is provided in text format as well as in videos.

Mozilla School of Web Craft

Though the content in this training course focuses on HTML, PHP, and CSS, it includes some exercises as well to test the skills.

Websites that charge for teaching website development include:


This is actually a market in which instructors can sell videos for teaching website development methods. Most of the videos cost less than $100.  Students can learn varied skills, including HTML5, CSS, and Responsive web design. Also, this resource offers instruction videos teaching iOS and Android based website development.


The training on this site offers courses suitable for game development and multi-media related website development.  Lynda’s course teaches integration and manipulation of CAD, 3D animation, photography, videos, audio clips, and more. Charges vary by course. These charges are collected as monthly membership fees. The minimum cost is $25 for a month of unlimited access to content.


The course offered by this website covers front-end as well as back-end development, apart from the development of mobile websites. In addition to these the website includes UX, business and marketing concepts for integration into websites. The membership fee for this site is $29, but students may pay $99 for half the year or $149 for an entire year.

Code Academy

This is an interactive courses for teaching coding in JavaScript, HTML, and even Ruby. Basic and advanced courses are available on Code Academy.

Code School

This is another course that offers ample exercises. It also covers coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Ruby for website development. The training includes exercises for iOS based website development.

Live Guidance

The websites offering such advice are limited. One of the best amongst them is the Bloc. The fee collected for such training is $4,250. The training includes study material, videos and live guidance. The course is comprehensive and equips students with web designing and development skills of a very high standard. Such course includes training for iOS based website development.


Learning website development has become increasingly approachable, thanks to affordable online resources. Potential students simply select subjects they would like to focus on, rather than settle for something that they are not interested in. After learning the basics, students can then opt for a more comprehensive course that includes exercises so that they are equipped with the required skill set.

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