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Magento Web Development: What Makes Platform The Most Renowned

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21/11/2015 by

The ultimate e-commerce solutions that come packed with Magento web development are probably one of the reasons for the success of the e-commerce websites.

Magento web development has accelerated in past few years exclusively for developing e-commerce websites. The trend has increased because the websites powered with Magento have extended functionalities. This open source e-commerce platform makes it easy for the developers to include rich features over the websites for increasing the related benefits. Moreover, it also offers the power to maintain the looks as well as the content over the website.


The benefits of choosing Magento as the preferred business website includes the following advantages:

  • Magento offers a number of user-friendly features
  • The platform helps the users to update the e-commerce websites automatically
  • It becomes an easy job for the developers to offer interactive shopping experience to the web users
  • Magento is designed as configuration based MVC system and the range of extensions with the same makes the websites highly scalable
  • The platform has powerful SEO features, marketing, as well as catalog management tools
  • Magento is quick and versatile and makes it easy for the shoppers to accomplish the related search for different products over the websites

Magento has gathered the related popularity for being the preferred shopping store platform as there are easy to integrate options for generating higher ROI with the websites developed as e-commerce websites.

Here is a comparison of Magento with other similar open source platforms that clearly adds to the reputation of this preferred e-commerce solution.

◘ Magento Vs. WordPress

WordPress was originally developed as a blogging platform, which, with the time developed its own e-commerce plugins to accomplish related tasks. Magento, on the other hand, was developed as a customized e-commerce platform that has extensions developed to suit shopping websites.

◘ Magento Vs Shopify

Magento as an open source platform offers thousands of extensions as well as templates whereas Shopify having its own language (liquid) is relatively smaller platform that offers a limited stock of templates. The latter also lacks the customization and reporting options that the former has.

◘ Magento Vs. BigCommerce

There is no doubt that BigCommerce offers easy options for international shipping; however, it has complex plugins and limited third party support unlike Magento that has a number of extensions for better and richer shopping experiences for the users.

The Verdict

Magento has always been preferred by web developers due to the reasons that are listed above. Every shopping website needs to carry some of the defined features which are essentials for shopping cart development. For the same, Magento stands out as a worthy option as a result of which Magento web development is one of the preferred means of developing shopping websites among the developers.


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