Mobile SEO in 2016: The Beginning of a New Era

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23/12/2015 by

This summer, mobile searches have surpassed desktop.

Google’s Senior Vice President and Search Chief Amit Singhal officially disclosed the above stated piece of information no more than two months ago, publicly announcing that Google has gone mobile. The very concept of search box has changed in due course and this paramount search engine is slowly turning its back on the now traditional type of search to focus on more advanced user experience.

Let’s not forget that while the Google was always a predominant choice of many when it comes to seeking information online through a desktop platform, users’ smartphones have apps to help them in their search for products and entertainment. It seems that Google will have to face some serious competition in this market, but Amit Singhal claims that they are more than fully prepared to answer the need of their users. It seems that this revolutionary trend hasn’t caught Google’s SVP by surprise:

We got over 100 billion searches by the end of this summer. More than 50% of those are mobile searches.

Mobile SEO 1


While Google remains diligent as always in their reserved approach, we have to confront the fact that the world of SEO will be heavily influenced by this alteration and significantly changed once again. We are all well aware that this is an extremely unstable industry and that all professionals literally have to upgrade their knowledge daily to keep producing results for their clients, it goes with the territory. So if you are wondering which practices you should keep, and which strategies should you alter, here is a short and comprehensive list of tactics that you will have to employ in 2016 in order to survive it.

Mobile SEO is Dead?


While Google’s officials agree that desktop websites will soon be a thing of the past, professionals who devoted years in optimizing websites for search engines will encounter a whole different world when it comes to SEO. Ads are simply present in a much greater volume on mobile devices, and no matter how much time and effort you invest in your on page optimization (which you shouldn’t neglect nevertheless) you will eventually start losing traffic. If you are running a business to business service, travel agency, any form of ecommerce business – know that you will have to go the extra mile for your target audience.

Content is Alive and Doing Well


On the other hand, content marketing is here to stay even in the world of mobile searches. A well written, informative post will get shares, shares will get you traffic, traffic gets conversions etc. The only trick is in writing that shareable content. Of course, social media will still play an important role in sharing that content, and since social posts will be more heavily indexed you should invest in your content even more in the following period.


Mobile SEO 2


Keywords are Kicking and Screaming


One thing that scares the most SEO professionals is the use of digital assistants. Having the option of Voice Search simply breaks the concept of keywords as we know them. Long tail keywords will continue to drive a converting traffic, but targeting them may present a problem since now we are not looking for a few variations of a specific keyword but searching for an appropriate phrase in form of a question. There are already a 100 million Voice Search apps installed, so the smart thing to do is start optimizing your website for voice search as soon as possible.

Off-page SEO is Evolving


There is no doubt that your link building strategies will need some adjustments as well. Off page optimization has always been the most demanding part of SEO. Even with the help of advanced link prospecting tools such as this one, developed by the Four Dots team, a solid off page strategy requires time, effort and thorough knowledge of all aspects of inbound marketing which surpasses your regular SEO tactics. In the following period you will have to concentrate your off page efforts on local optimization and target your nearest audience. Going global is going to get really difficult in this new environment. Deep links that will guide traffic straight to apps and landing pages will also become extremely important.

At the very end, remember that SEO, although by its definition is concentrated on search engines, is a social science dealing with actual people. So let’s all agree that we have to produce something of value for our users and start from there. After all, that should be your main guideline.


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