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jQuery provides UX pattern online quicker, simpler plus more available, nevertheless, you don’t need to reinvent this steering wheel. We show the most beneficial jQuery extensions in order to save a person effort and time.

But it’s legitimate to state that jQuery, first and foremost other libraries out there, may be accepted by the web page design group. It’s and so well-known and also pervasive that some designers really feel JavaScript per se is confronted, like would be the propensity make use of jQuery when simply JavaScript works.

Any List Scroller

Any List Scroller (ALS) is the jQuery plugin to scroll any list, of any dimension, with any content.

Any List Scroller – jQuery Plugin To Scroll Lists


  • It is easy to use
  • It works on any kind of list
  • List elements can be texts, images, anything
  • List items must not have a fixed size, or equal to each other
  • The list can be scrolled horizontally or vertically
  • Scrolling can be simple or infinite (circular)
  • Scrolling can be manual or automatic (autoscroll)
  • You can set the number of visible items
  • You can set the scrolling step
  • You can put more than one ALS in a single page (multiple instance) 


 Website  Demo


Smooth Div Scroll

is a jQuery plugin that scrolls content horizontally left or right.

jQuery Smooth Div Scroll by Thomas Kahn


  • Works on touch devices like iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones.
  • Smooth scrolling – no distinct steps.
  • Endless loops, if you want.
  • Many different scrolling methods: touch, hot spots, mouse wheel och auto scrolling. Or combinations of these!
  • Make any type of content scrollable, not just images.
  • Easing options for a smoother scrolling experience.

Apart from many of the other scrolling plugins that have been written for jQuery, Smooth Div Scroll does not limit the scrolling to distinct steps. As the name of the plugin hints, scrolling is smooth. There are no other buttons or links on outside the scroller since the scrolling is done using your fingers (touch), hotspots, the mouse wheel or via auto scrolling. Unobtrusive and smooth is the key here.

 Website  Demo


Bootstrap Multiselect

Bootstrap Multiselect is a JQuery based plugin to provide an intuitive user interface for using select inputs with the multiple attribute present. Instead of a select a bootstrap button will be shown as dropdown menu containing the single options as checkboxes.

Bootstrap Multiselect

 Website  Demo


jQuery thumbnail scroller

A cool jquery/css thumbnail scroller plugin inspired by the ones made in Flash. It works by cursor movement or next/previous buttons, has auto-scrolling feature and it’s simple to configure and style through css.


 Website  Demo


OWL Carousel

OWL Carousel is touch enabled jQuery plugin that lets you create beautiful responsive carousel slider.



Touch Event
Mouse Slide Events
Fully Customizable
Choose the number of items to be displayed
Multiple Sliders
CSS3 3d Transitions
Custimizable controlls

Tested on IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus.

 Website  Demo


CarouFredSel – Circular, Responsive jQuery Carousel

jQuery.carouFredSel is a plugin that turns any kind of HTML element into a carousel. It can scroll one or multiple items simultaneously, horizontal or vertical, infinite and circular, automatically or by user interaction. Oh, and it’s responsive too.

CarouFredSel – Circular, Responsive jQuery Carousel

The carouFredSel-plugin was built using the jQuery-library, it is dual licensed under both the MIT and GPL licenses.

 Website  Demo


Sly – jQuery Plugin for One-Directional Scrolling

Sly is a JavaScript library for advanced one-directional scrolling with item based navigation support.


It can be used as a simple scrollbar replacement, as an advanced item based navigation tool, or as a great navigation and animation interface for parallax websites. This is achieved by a powerful & developer friendly API that provides a bunch of very useful methods giving you control over everything.

 Website  Demo


jqIpLocation jQuery IP Location Plugin


jqIpLocation is a jQuery Plugin that returns the location of an IP address in JSON format. You can get country, country code, city name, region name, latitude and longitude information about IP address location.

Download  Github Demo


Dynamic News – RSS Driven Dynamic jQuery News Slider

Dynamic News - RSS Driven Dynamic jQuery News Slider

Dynamic News is a jQuery news slider plugin that makes news integration to your web site very easy. You can either enter your news via HTML markups manually or let Dynamic News plugin load the news from rss feed and build the necessary HTML markups automatically. News preview or news summary pane, hovering over news headline will show news summary in a tool tip like pop up, which also provides link to news detail page.

 Website  Demo


jsCarousel – jQuery Content Slider


jsCarousel is a jquery slider plugin that slides contents in multi direction. jsCarousel slider can be used as a feature content slider as well.

You can put any kind of contents you want whether images, text, videos, news etc. You can make simple image gallery with thumbnail support by using it. 

 Website  Demo


Timeliner.js – A jQuery plugin for making simple historical timelines


Build a simple, interactive, historical timeline with HTML, CSS, and jQuery. The benefits of this timeline script are that it’s (1) fully accessible and 508 compliant (an original requirement) (2) simple, (3) able to handle nearly any form of content, and (4) printer friendly. As of July 2013, it also comes packed with an optional responsive stylesheet for use with mobile devices less than 480px wide. Finally, there’s plenty of room for you to get creative with the styling. (Please drop me a line if you do do something cool with it.)

Demo Timeliner Demo: Civil Rights Timeline  Download Get the latest version, as well as full usage instructions, from my Timeliner GitHub repo. Fork away.


Portfoliojs – jQuery Plugin to Showcase Portfolio

Portfoliojs is a lightweight jQuery gallery plugin for your beautiful images with horizontal scrolling which supports desktop, tablet and mobile browsers.


  • smart pre-loading
  • set custom height & width of gallery
  • set custom easingMethods for slide animation
  • multiple gallery support
  • lightbox
  • keyboard navigation
  • renders according to the device width. including mobile devices.
  • supports touch devices (iPhone/iPad/Android) swipe-to-slide

 Website  Demo



Alpaca : Easy Forms for jQuery

Alpaca generates forms on-the-fly using JSON schema and configuration to define object models, types, properties, validation logic and layout. Alpaca generates intuitive forms while giving your business the assurance of data compliance.

The Alpaca library is pre-packaged with controls, wizards, layouts, I18N support and pluggable template engines for EJS, Handlerbars and jQuery.tmpl. API Documentation is provided so that you can extend Alpaca as you see fit.

Alpaca helps you to separate your data from your presentation. Design your forms once and have them work across different devices and UI engines without any additional coding.
Website   Demo

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