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Date Created 21-02-2014
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cPanel Video Tutorials

This course is a comprehensive step-by-step ecourse that starts from the absolute beginning, showing you an exact strategy to get maximum exposure and traffic for your business. No stone gets left unturned and all strategies and techniques are revealed to help you to become a successful internet business entreprenuer

Inside the package you will find:

"Module #1 - Introduction To CPanel"
What is cPanel? How important it is to know your way around this? This module will teach you the basic of cPanel.
Running Time: 6:41

"Module #2 - CPanel: Create Email Account"
Learn how you can create an email account using cPanel.
Running Time: 04:56

"Module #3 - CPanel: Create Email Forwarders"
Know more about how you can create email forwarders using cPanel.
Running Time: 2:40

"Module #4 - How To Create A Gmail Account"
You will need an email account. In this module, you will be taught how to create a Gmail account.
Running Time: 2:44

Techie Training Videos V2"Module #5 - Create Gmail Forwarders"
Now that you have already a Gmail account, learn how you can create a Gmail forwarders.
Running Time: 2:29

"Module #6 - CPanel: Logs"
Learn more about logs in cPanel. This video will explain the details.
Running Time: 05:48

"Module #7 - CPanel: Security Panel"
What are security panels in cPanel and how can you set that up?
Running Time: 10:17

"Module #8 - CPanel: Password Protect Folders"
In this module, you will learn more about password protect folders.
Running Time: 03:08

"Module #9 - CPanel: Create A MySQL Database"
How to create a MySQL database using cPanel? Watch this video module now.
Running Time: 07:37

"Module #10 - CPanel: Create Wordpress Site"
How to create a Wordpress site using cPanel? Learn the basics today with this module.
Running Time: 06:56

"Module #11 - How To Add Themes To Wordpress"
Do you know how to add themes to Wordpress? Learn it here in this module.
Running Time: 04:41

"Module #12 - How To Add Plugins To Wordpress"
Wordpress plugins are very powerful. Learn how you can install plugins to your Wordpress websites.
Running Time: 04:49

"Module #13 - CPanel: Customize Error Pages"
How to customize error pages in Wordpress using your cPanel? Learn it here in this module.
Running Time: 07:25

"Module #14 - Create A Favicon"
How to create fancy favicons for our Wordpress blog and how to install it.
Running Time: 05:49

"Module #15 - CPanel: Backup And Restore"
Create a backup of your website and restore some files using cPanel.
Running Time: 06:09

"Module #16 - CPanel: Create Redirect"
Know more about redirect in your website. Learn it here in this module.
Running Time: 05:35

"Module #17 - How To Create A Google Alert"
Know more about Google Alerts and how you can set that up.
Running Time: 03:48