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Date Created 08-12-2013
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What Your Web Host Manager (WHM) Can Do...

Without a doubt, using Web Host Manager makes it easiermore effective, and more efficient to manage your hosting accounts from one place!


With Web Hosting Manager...

You can create, delete, suspend, and manage multiple domains on your account.You can manage and monitor bandwidth and disk space usage,You can check and change all aspects of DNS from parking a domain to adding a DNS zone.

You can configure customers' support requests through cPanel.

You can check server information and status.

You can create your own default page when you create a new account.

You can customize your hosting and control panel with extensive branding.

You can change your client domain names and user names.

You can hop from each cPanel on your account and access/change anything that does not require SQL access.

You can install and maintain software and check systems

You can create your own custom web hosting packages.

Manage SSL certificates, from generating new certificates to installing them.

Install and uninstall FrontPage™ extensions for your Microsoft™ customers.

And honestly, that's just a tiny fraction of what you can do. Web Host Manager can also be used to install and manage important things like email accounts, MySQL databases, Apache, and other important services and software.

You can set storage amounts for your sites, install useful scripts, and move sites easily when you want to move to a new host.

Why Web Host Manager is Needed...

Web Host Manager gives you a lot more control and flexibility when managing resource intensive sites, highly trafficked sites, or large number of sites.

There are MANY reasons, if you have business sites or popular sites, to place them on separate cPanels.

For one, you have the ability to monitor and adjust your bandwidth and disk space, which can help keep a quickly growing or high-trafficked site from being suspended or crashing due to bandwidth overages.

Since you can adjust your bandwidth and only upgrade when you really need it, this can dramatically reduce your costs.

Also, if one of your sites is hacked the odds that your other sites will be attacked aredramatically reduced, which increases security and peace of mind. There's no way anyone can tell if accounts on different cPanels are attached to the same WHM account so this increases your privacy. 

And if you're going to process credit cards on your site you need an SSL certificate. To get a SSL certificate you must have a dedicated IP address and you can only have one dedicated IP address per cPanel. Using Web Host Manager is much easier and less expensive to use when managing multiple cPanels than managing multiple accounts.

Believe me... managing a large number of domains in one cPanel can be frustrating, especially if you update the files regularly. It's never easy to work on that many domains in one cPanel.

Bottom line, Web Hosting Manager saves you a lot of time and money.

Why You Need a GUIDE that shows you How to Get the Most from Web Host Manager...

The truth is... you could spend hours of your time trying to figure everything out yourself, in order to get the most from your Web Hosting Manager.

But the problem is... if you try to do it by reading the manuals that come with your hosting account; it could confuse you even more. Those things are dry, boring, and so technical; it can be hard to understand them.

Or, if you just log in and try to jump around and figure everything out by trial and error, who knows how long that will take you to figure it out, if you even do.

That's the exact reason I created "My WHM Tutorials"!

So you don't have to spend hours and hours of trial and error trying to figure all this out yourself.

In one hour, you'll have the convenience of knowing all you need to know to get the most use out of your hosting.