Promote Your Website Through Marketplace

For the convenience / service to our users, we decided to create a complete guide on how you can promote your website, of course COMPLETELY FREE via marketplace. So you can :

  • Reach new readers and friends
  • Promote your work
  • Get links and backlinks
  • Promote your article to various social networking websites.
  • Get the right in banner advertising

Here are some ways you can promote your website through marketplace:

  • Corporate Directory
  • Company Announcements, Press Releases & Offers
  • Signatures / Writing Articles / Backlinks
  • Contributors – Related content Pages
  • Social Media – FaceBook Groups
  • Presenting our own web
  • Promotional Banner

Corporate Directory

If you are a freelancer, 3d animator, web designer, seoist, Web Developer, web hoster etc then you have the right to add your page to our company directory list.
Read in detail the instructions which must be followed faithfully.

Insertion Instructions

Add Your Company Title

Fill out the required information about your company, eg why to choose you, what services you offer, etc..

Customize layout by using WYSIWYG editor. You can also click "text tab" to add html code. It is also proposed to add map of your company (via google map) with the following code or pressing the corresponding buttons (google maps) in the editor (the dimensions of the map should be 710x250px)


Google Maps Code

[GMAP width="710" height="250" latitude="latitude of company" longitude="longitude of company" zoom="15" markers="yes" controls="yes" maptype="ROADMAP" content="name of company"]

Fill out the additional information about your company in their respective forms such as: address, telephone numbers, website etc (*note in form “website” fill website address without the http:// )

Select the category you want to display your company YOU CAN ONLY ADD 1 CATEGORY

Add tags

Upload your logo or screenshot of your site or whatever you like to show as you Main Image for your company at 385x250px resolution.

Most Fields are mandatory. For a more effective promotion of your Services we proposed to fill in all fields

* Company Name:
* website (url):
* Email address (email):
* Tags(eg: Web Design, Hosting websites, etc.):
* Company logo (385x250px):
* 1 Category
* Company Address:
* Country:
* Postcode:
* Phone:
Latitude και longitude of google maps:

Daily visit our list dozens of users looking for reliable internet services, so it is a worthy way to promote your company through it.

Company Announcements, Press Releases & Offers

Companies can in the corresponding forum:

– Post Announcements
You are giving the chance to users and colleagues to learn about Press Releases and new services that your company offers.

– Create partnership deals
Good idea also is creating coupons which will provide a discount to reach more users.

– Exchange Traffic – Advertising

The Posts from all the categories of our blog are automatically forwarded on our group in FaceBook to keep users updated with company news promotions etc.

Article Writer / Backlinks / Signatures

Any user who has knowledge on any topic (which is always related to our website) and wants to share with the community can write blogposts.
Within the articles the author has the right to do link building having up to 3 backlinks to key words which lead to his website.
Of course we all know how good that can be, since apart from the traffic your site will acquire, it is also a reliable way of promoting your page.
You are also permitted to have any kind of signature you like, such as website, twitter, biography, information associated with the page, etc.

Contributors – Related content Pages

If you own a relevant content page, after contact, we can recover posts from the Rss of your site, and will be posted in the category of Blog News Feeds.
Also place your avatar / link on our homepage at the contributors point.

Social Media – FaceBook Groups automatically forwards all articles posted on social networks such as facebook, twitter etc, through which we drive traffic to your website and increase your recognisability on the web.


We do not allow posts for promotion services to our facebook page and twitter.
Use the facebook group for this purpose, where any user can promote the page, service, article, that he wants, since it can spam-free and there are no restrictions / rules excluding flood.

Presenting Your Own Website

Whatever the subject of your website is, you can get reviews and traffic by posting it on the corresponding category of our forum where everyone can present his page, assignments, case studies, etc.


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